Thank you for your interest in my work. I am currently taking commissions for Zenscapes and would love to design something unique for your space.
A painting is an original piece of oil based art. It is done from a blank canvas and depending on the complexity and size of can take the longest to complete.
A photo-painting is painted directly on a canvas printed photograph. This is a hybrid between my interest in painting and photography and generally does not take as long to complete, again depending on size and complexity of the piece.
Photograph- I can provide you with a sample selection of images that might go well with the space you are wanting to hang the work. The photo is printed on archival artist's canvas.
With any of these requests, once I review your project I can send you a price quote for the piece, based on the amount of time it will take and cost of materials. I only work with my own imagery; these pieces are about the vibe and color balance of the space, so please allow for a little freedom in my interpretation of your project.

Time is something I don't have a lot extra of these days. Anyone who commissions work from me will have to understand that. When I know more about your project I can give you an estimate on how long before I have the piece to your door but it will not be the next day. I will, however, keep you informed on progress and delivery time, and will require a small deposit to start the project. The deposit will be taken off the price of the piece when finished.

All artwork will be shipped on a canvas roll with mounting instructions that you can take to a framer. That nicely cuts down on the cost of shipping and materials, and makes delivering large commissions more doable, especially outside the US.

Thanks again for your interest in my work; I'll be in touch soon.