michele wortman tattoosMichele Wortman is best known for her innovative "bodyset" tattoos, and for her particular use of color and flow on the human form. She began tattooing in 1998 after assessing her own early tattoo collection and imagining how it could be approached differently based on a desire to see lighter, more airy imagery designed to compliment the female form. With a background in painting, it seemed natural to approach tattooing in a less conventional and traditional manner. Influenced and encouraged by fellow artist and partner Guy Aitchison, Michele began to refine and redefine the look of the feminine tattoo.

The bodysets that Michele has done range from small to large, complimentary to symmetrical, and make use of both sides to the body. Catering to a mostly female clientele, Michele has applied this unified approach to tattooing that is both balanced and garment like, putting a high priority on the overall look of the entire tattoo collection.

Not all the work she does is sets and also welcomes singular pieces. Regardless of the coverage that the client is seeking, Michele's tattooing is focused on a particular look within her tattoo style: Floral-form imagery that incorporates movement, flow, and soft pastel coloring, creating her signature design aesthetic. 


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