Scratch Art: A Collection of Scratchboard Art by Tattoo Artists



Scratch Art - $40 (Sale $25)

Hardback book

Various artists, edited by Guy Aitchison and Michele Wortman.  Scratchboard is not a medium that most artists think about much. Many of us played around with crude scratchboards in grade school and never picked up the medium again. However, it turns out to be a versatile fine art medium that has a number of interesting parallels with tattooing, including the need for planning and the lack of any way of erasing. In the book Scratch Art, this medium is explored in depth by around 200 tattoo artists, using tools ranging from steel wool to tattoo needles. The rules: None. Any style, any subject. The result is a 272 page powerhouse of amazing art by a long list of today's leading tattoo visionaries including Aaron Cain, Bob Tyrrell, Nick Baxter, Jon Clue, Filip Leu, Timothy Hoyer, Michele Wortman, Guy Aitchison and many others. This book is a perfect addition to your home or studio art collection; with its pages representing over 2000 hours of work, it's a book worth picking up and flipping open again and again.