New Michele Wortman Painting Now Available as a Print!

As the seasons shift and the cold wintery air turns into a green haze of renewal we’d like to introduce Michele’s latest painting, Spring. This painting is about the shift of winter with its blustery grey ambience cycling into the warmth of spring. The female cardinal flies into the next season as the greenery emerges and Nature wakes from its winter slumber with budding dogwoods. At Hyperspace Studios we are celebrating that shift by offering a special edition print of Spring, 22x22” plus a colored border for mounting purposes, on archival canvas, signed by the artist. Produced in-house so we can get the color matching as exact as possible. Drop by to be a part of this celebration! 

Season's greetings from Hyperspace Studios!

t’s that time of year again and we’ve got some new paintings to show you.  Michele, whose birthday is on Christmas Day, loves to celebrate the holidays with beautiful imagery and make  art that is affordable for you to collect or to give as a gift.
Her three recent works, Rose, Lotus and Peony, celebrate the magic and mystery in nature, with its connective patterns and floral flair. This aesthetic is parallel to her tattoo style and personal interest in the art she creates. 
We are offering each painting as a reproduction on archival canvas, 8x10" plus a 1" colored border for mounting purposes, signed by the artist for an amazing deal of 25 bucks for the 25th of Christmas!. Shipping before Christmas is guaranteed on all US orders received by December 16th.
Give the gift of art this holiday!





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New Website for The Bloom Project!

We want to tell you about a new and exciting website that’s just been launched for Michele's Bloom Project.  You can learn more about Bloom Project here and get involved by following its daily updates here. In celebration of this, Michele has joined forces with her friend and client Michelle Roberts who designed the website and is an active contributor to the project.

Michele recently designed two shirts, a rose and a lotus design from the Bloom Project in support of Bravely House, the nonprofit charity that Roberts works with.

These comfortable, high quality fitted shirts make a great statement for strong women everywhere, and help fund the ongoing work that Bravely House does in helping the women in its community.

Finally, as the fall season is upon us and the hummingbirds get ready to leave for warmer weather, we are offering  Shapes and Planes. This painting is about shifting moments in abstractions of space and time, a theme that Michele enjoys exploring. You can find more examples of her unique painting style in the Hyperspace print gallery .


Michele's New Print Celebrating Hummingbirds!

We sure did enjoy this past summer... and one of our favorite features of summertime are the hummingbirds dashing around the yard, flashing their brilliant iridescent colors. Now they are in their final few weeks before packing up for the year and making their difficult flight across the gulf. To celebrate these amazing creatures, Michele painted Shapes&Planes, pictured here, combining hummers with her distinctive use of abstract geometric forms. This piece is available as a low-cost signed archival canvas print at, along with a wide range of other fine art prints, most which are color matched and produced in-house here at Hyperspace Studios.




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Classic Aitchison & Wortman Prints Rebooted!

Ever since we got our own fine art canvas printer we’ve been enjoying re-releasing some of our classic prints in a new and improved format. This week we are offering new sizes of Michele Wortman’s print From Within and Guy Aitchison’s Expansion, which have been rephotographed and carefully color matched to the originals. Both editions are still available in their standard sizes, but we have added a 22x29” print of From Within, and a 22x38” edition of Expansion. Prints come signed on archival canvas and include a 1” colored border for mounting purposes. Check out what else we have in our fine art print gallery!

New Prints and Book/Print Combo from Michele Wortman

We are adding two new prints and a print/book combo to our catalog today, showcasing the painting and photography of Michele Wortman. 

Her Innerstate painting was produced for the Innerstate event that she and Guy hosted, which encouraged its participants to tap into an internal stream of data and pull out their inner vision. The hummingbird is energy, traveling through prismatic space, intermingling the outer world of nature to the inner world musings of the reality of our existence and the subtle cosmic web that sews it all together. It's now available as a gorgeous large format print, 21x33" plus a 1" colored border for mounting purposes.

Droplet is part of the epic body of photography that Michele produced for her book Moments of Epiphany. It is the first time she has offered one of these images as a large format canvas art print, 22x33" plus a 1" colored mounting border, which is a particularly attractive presentation for her photos. It can be purchased by itself or in a combination package with the Moments of Epiphany book. Any of these items are a perfect celebration of the coming of Spring. Available now at Hyperspace Studios!

Print Specials available at our eBay Store!!

A new year is the perfect time to add art to your studio or home. So, we are putting some budget priced archival canvas prints up at our eBay store. All prints are signed and dated on archival canvas, and are extras from our proofing process. This means that they may differ in size or have slight color differences from the production run. The good news is, you get to save some money; because these prints are roughly half the price that they are in our catalog at the HyperspaceStudios store. Some prints are limited run and no longer available in our catalog! Check out our eBay store by clicking here:

New Michele Wortman prints added to the catalog!

We are adding two new moderately sized prints from Michele Wortman just in time for the holidays! Outside In is a painting about transition and the perspective of being outside of things while looking inwards. Jewel is about hope, joy and elevation from sadness and distress. It represents renewal and looking more brightly ahead. Both prints are 12x12" plus a 1" colored border for mounting purposes. Signed by the artist on archival canvas. They are $30 each, or get them both for $50!  Order by 12/17 and get FREE US shipping!


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December 11-12 Featured Iteml!

We have some great gifts available at Hyperspace Studios, with Christmas shipping inside the US guaranteed on all orders received by noon on December 18th. If you are stumped about what to get for the art fan in your life we recommend the Tattoo Community Project Pack which bundles together several particularly cool items for one low price! These include Scratch Art, featuring scratchboard art by hundreds of artists in a highly diverse collection; Innerstate, a book and documentary DVD showing about tattoo artists creating visionary art pieces; The ArtFusion Experiment, Paul Booth's documentary about live collaborative art performances; and Pint Size Paintings, a pocket sized book featuring tiny pieces of epic art. All of these items are loaded with surprising creative content that will inspire and entertain anyone with an interest in the tattoo world.  
As our Featured Item, it has free US shipping, plus free shipping on all items ordered with them!

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Holiday Specials: December 8-10!

For this weekend's special we are featuring three large format prints at a great holiday discount.  Michele's painting From Within celebrates the expression of your unique personal energy in your art and your life.

Guy's painting Beacon Of Faith is about transcendence and personal evolution, and his piece Hypercosmic Spiral is a large format yet compositionally simple artistic gesture, painted live on stage in a performance. All three of these prints are normally $200, but for this weekend we are discounting them to $150 each. As our Featured Items, they get free US shipping, plus free shipping on all items ordered with them!


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Music Special from Proton Press!!

Just in time for the holidays we are offering our 5 CD Proton pack of electronic music for only $15. Many of the artists included in this collection have been featured in video content we’ve produced including live performances at Hell City and Innerstate, and makes a great soundtrack for your painting space or tattoo studio. Limited availability!
Order between December 6-7 and get FREE US SHIPPING!!

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December 4-5 Holiday FREE Shipping Specials!

For this holiday season we are offering some great deals on high quality archival canvas art prints, which make amazing yet affordable gifts for art collectors. Prints are on archival canvas and are produced in-house for careful color matching, and are signed by the artists. The deals listed here are available until December 18 (cutoff time for U.S. shipping) but if you order in the next 24 hours you'll get free shipping too!

Michele has just added Zenscape 1 to the catalog, and it's the largest print we produce here while at the same time making a reserved statement ($250, $50 savings)


She has also introduced canvas editions of Sacred Space 1&2, available together ($100) or separately ($60 each)


Her epic vibratory painting Potential is available in 2 sizes, discounted to $75 and $150 ($50 savings on each)


She is also adding Seed, a striking meditation on life's promise, $60 ($20 savings)


Keeping with the holiday theme of life and rebirth, Guy is offering deals on several of his prints including Perennial, temporarily priced at $50 ($30 savings)


Radiant Flux is about channeling creative energy, and is one of Guy's most colorful recent pieces, priced this month only at $90 ($30 savings)


And for those seeking something truly epic, Guy's visionary pair of organic and mechanical crystalline pieces, Lightform 7 and 8, are now each available for $150 ($50 savings) or as a pair for $275 ($125 savings!)

For the next 48 hours you can get free shipping in the US on all of these items! Special pricing is available until December 18.


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Hyperspace Studios Family Mini Print Combo

Celebrate the holidays with the Hyperspace Studios Family Mini Print Combo! We are bundling together three small prints from @guyaitchisonart @michelewortman and their daughter Kaia Rose. Guy's painting Flamecoil is about focusing personal internal energy, making it a perfect gift for artists. Michele's painting Trio celebrates family, in a palette meant to work well in any architectural space. Kaia's painting Wooden Duck is an abstract exploration of light and form. The prints are 8x16", 8x11" and 8x10" plus 1" colored borders for mounting purposes, and are signed by the artists on archival canvas, $100 for all three. We've added this combo permanently to our catalog, but for the next two days it's our featured item, giving you free US shipping on it plus anything else you order along with it!

Featured Item: 11/29-11/30

Order this item and get FREE SHIPPING!! 

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Cyber Monday Specials!!

This Cyber Monday we are offering 4 great specials until Midnight tonight!!

Each special includes FREE US SHIPPING!!

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Perfect for cool weather, this comfortable indoor/outdoor knit and faux leather jacket has on of Michele's crystal mandalas embroidered on the right sleeve.  For Cyber Monday only, we are dropping the price to $40 and throwing in FREE US shipping!

In The Tattoo Community Project Pack, we feature books and DVDs from four projects: The ArtFusion Experiment, Scratch Art, Innerstate and Pint Size Paintings.  For Cyber Monday only, we are dropping the price to $99 and throwing in FREE US shipping!

Save $25 on two of Guy Aitchison's most essential video tutorials.  Technique is a 4 DVD set detailing Guy's rendering methods, and Coverup: A Fresh Look features an updated approach to coverup, allowing you to greatly expand the scope of your career. These two tutorials also make a great gift for tattooists of all levels experience.  For Cyber Monday only, we are dropping the price to $199 and throwing in FREE US shipping!

For this holiday season we are adding a new combo pack of two signed archival canvas prints of Michele and Guy's most recent paintings, BioSpore and Chrysalis.  You can get these two prints together for $125 - a savings of $15.  Get them today on Cyber Monday and get FREE US shipping!


Order any of the special Cyber Monday items and get FREE US SHIPPING!! 

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New Book - Back & Large Pieces!

We are excited to add Back & Large Pieces to our catalog! Published by Brazilian editor Daniel Martino, this beautifully presented softbound volume showcases large work by some of your favorite artists from around the world. Representing premium examples of many different styles including Japanese, traditional, illustrative, biomechanical, realism and black&grey, Back & Large Pieces includes a number of full page plates from both Guy and Michele, shown in gloss printed detail that you just can't see on a screen. We now have this epic book in our catalog at!

April- Fine Art Print Promotion

For the entire month of April we are having specials on our fine art prints! All prints are on archival artists' canvas, signed and dated, with colored borders for mounting purposes. Some come ready to hang. This month we are offering"


Buy 1 Print

Get 15 % Off


Buy 2 Prints

Get 15% Off Plus



Buy 3 Prints

Get 25% Off 



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You can see a detailed description of our fine art reproductions at

For April 28-30, we are featuring:

Lightform VI - $200


By Guy Aitchison, Lightform VI, 2003. 

Print is 21x27" with a 1" black border plus additional blank canvas for mounting purposes. Signed by the artist.

(Order the featured item and receive a Guy Aitchison postcard set, a $10 value for FREE!)



New Collaborative Art Print by Brian Geckle and Guy Aitchison!

2016 has been a great year for collaboration here at Hyperspace Studios, with large scale two-artist projects on skin happening every month and a few paintings and other projects being passed around as well. Visionary tattooist Brian Geckle was just here so that he and I could start a new calf sleeve project and wrap up a back piece, so while we were both present we did the color matching and test printing for the reproductions of the painting we finished earlier this year, Pineal Manifestation, which celebrates the far reaches of the imagination.


The new print came out great, and we are offering it as a 12x22" archival canvas reproduction signed by both artists. The print is archival for 125 years and includes a 1" colored border for mounting purposes. We've just signed the first batch of them... available now at the Hyperspace print gallery!



It's Not Too Late to Surprise Your Loved Ones With Art Gifts!

So the countdown is on, and there's very little time left before the shipping cutoff for ordering holiday gifts. We have a few suggestions to make that might simplify things- how about a few unique art books produced within the tattoo community? There are many titles available covering all different subjects, and I'd like to show you a few examples of what we have in the Hyperspace catalog.

Out Of Step Books has been consistently putting out anthology books that allow many artists to contribute their unique visions regarding specific subjects- for example, Antennae Of Inspiration is all about insects and other small creatures, interpreted by many of your favorite artists in all kinds of mediums. Their books are thick and loaded with hundreds of pages of high-quality material; drop by the Hyperspace book store to read more descriptions of the various volumes of theirs that we carry.

We also have put together a few book combo packs that can save you a little money while providing some unique choices. The Tattoo Community Project Pack is one of the best examples. One of the most exciting things about being part of the tattoo community is how many cool projects there are to get involved with... More than any other art scene, tattooists tend to be very comfortable working together on collaborations, performances and other art projects, allowing them to explore a wider range of techniques and styles than an artist would just working by themselves. Over the past decade we have been involved in a number of such projects, all of them very different from each other but each exploring a different aspect of vision, creativity and collaborative energy. In The Tattoo Community Project Pack, we feature books and DVDs from four of these projects: The ArtFusion Experiment, Scratch Art, Innerstate and Pint Size Paintings. You can read about these projects, and the books and DVDs that they spawned, at the Hyperspace book store.

These examples just scratch the surface; drop by the store at Hyperspace Studios to see more, including some low priced stocking stuffer gift packs. Shipping in time for Christmas is guaranteed on all US orders placed by the 16th of this month, and shipping on all fine art prints is free until that date. 


Some Last-Minute Art Gift Ideas

Michele has been very artistically active this fall and wanted to be able to offer some art ideas as gifts, which inspired her recent low-priced print Red Lotuses, which has been a top seller this week, along with one of her latest, Trio, also priced for a stretched-out holiday budget. For you last-minute gift seekers, she has gone ahead and stretched a limited number of the Red Lotuses canvas prints on archival stretcher bars, making for a perfect gift- since it's ready to hang right out of the box! Prints come signed, are archival for 125 years, and are available in a limited quantity for the unprecedented price of $50 each. Drop by the Hyperspace print gallery to see what else we have there.


In addition, Michele has lowered the price on her classic visionary art book Moments Of Epiphany by almost 50% for the holidays. Moments is a book of abstract photography that highlights Michele's unique and luminous artistic vision. Perfect to open and share with family on Christmas day, it's filled with colorful abstract wonder. On sale now at the Hyperspace online store. US orders received by the 16th are guaranteed for delivery before Christmas.

New Videos, Interviews And A Great New Print!


Recently, Michele and I had the honor of being interviewed by Jake Meeks of the Tattoo Improvement Network when they visited Hyperspace Studios. It was hard to keep it short, since we had so many interesting topics to cover, so it ended up being published in three half hour segments, which are now all posted at the Tattoo Improvement channel on YouTube. These interviews are both fun and information-filled, including plenty of historic detail from the past 30 years of the evolution of the tattoo profession. I think this material would be of interest to both artists and tattoo fans; drop by the Tattoo Improvement channel to check it out! Jake also published a review of Reinventing The Tattoo, my electronic educational package, which I thought was thorough and well written. If you're thinking of treating yourself to a subscription for 2017, check out his review to get his perspective.

Speaking of videos, Michele just posted a new 1-minute video highlighting her recent body of paintings. It's a short and contemplative little segment that gives you a close-up look at the personality of these new works; pour yourself some hot coffee and take a look! She also just posted a new print of one of these recent paintings, Trio, which is moderately sized- 8x16" plus a 1" colored border for mounting purposes- and moderately priced at $35. Order before the 16th of this month and not only is shipping guaranteed before Christmas for US orders, but the shipping on all print orders before that date is free. High quality signed archival canvas prints make excellent gifts, by the way.



Fine Art Prints Make Excellent Gifts- With Free Shipping Until December 16th!

You may be wondering exactly what to get for your artist or art fan friend or family member. A nice original painting by one of their favorite artists would be a spectacular gift, but let's face it, that's probably not in most of your budgets. This is one of the reasons why we've invested in a high quality fine art printer and begun expanding our print catalog this fall- when done right, a fine art print made on archival canvas, signed by the artist and framed or presented the right way, can have a presence on a wall that compares to that of the original, but at a fraction of the price.


We added a new one to the catalog today with a special price for the holidays. Michele Wortman's newest painting, Red Lotuses, is being offered as a moderately sized print at the special price of $25 until the 25th of December. It combines her modern minimalist aesthetic with a splash of bold color, and will pop out from any wall. The print is 9x12" plus a 1" colored border for mounting purposes. We do our own color matching and have gotten near-perfect print results on this one, and I'm proud to add it to the Hyperspace catalog.


We recommend looking over our entire print catalog, since we have prints of all sizes, styles and price ranges to choose from. We've included a choice sampling of some of them in this bulletin in case you want to take a closer look. Best of all, we are offering FREE SHIPPING on all print orders placed in the US before December 16th, and all orders received by then are guaranteed for delivery before Christmas.

In case you are wondering how to frame or present your gift, you have a few options. Prints come rolled up safely in a cardboard tube and can simply be wrapped and given in that form, allowing the recipient to frame it to their taste. You can also find a ready-to-use frame at your local hobby store, which sometimes works really well, especially on the standard sizes such as the 9x12" Red Lotuses. Simply buying canvas stretcher bars and stretching the canvas also makes for a great presentation, but we only recommend this if you have some experience stretching canvas. Last but not least, you can talk to your local frame shop about more deluxe options.

Whatever your presentation may be, fine art reproductions can bring a lot of excitement at gift-giving time... drop by our print gallery to see what we've got.

New Limited Print Offer Makes a Perfect Holiday Gift!

I've been looking forward every month to each limited print offer that we've been featuring, since it's been an opportunity for me to really see what you all respond to. We've been featuring a variety of classic and newer paintings of mine in a series of moderately sized and priced archival signed reproductions that are offered for a few days only and then taken down from the catalog forever, and the response has been very encouraging.


This week I'm putting up one of my classic images, PodCoil II, from 1999. This was one of my early experiments with building clay models to get my lighting and texture more realistic, and still stands out as one of my more iconic images from that period. The print is 11x14" plus a 1" colored border for mounting purposes, and has been carefully color matched for maximum impact. Signed, archival for 125 years, $50. Available only until December 7, then it's being taken out of the catalog forever. 


My partner Michele's latest print, Star Of Bethlehem, is still available and makes a stunning gift for anyone with a modern sense of aesthetic. Due to the unexpected response, she's extended her special holiday pricing until next Wednesday as well; it's 6 images that work as a single reproduction, 20x24", signed on archival canvas, $75. You can read about its special symbolism on her Instagram profile, or check it out at the Hyperspace print gallery where it's listed next to my new limited print.

We are very excited about the high quality of prints we are getting now that we are producing them in-house, and these two new prints are great examples of the kind of gifts (including gifts to yourself!) that quality fine art reproductions can make. Drop by the Hyperspace print gallery to see what else we have available.

Today We Start Rolling Out Some Limited Holiday Deals!

As we close out November and the dust settles from all that Black Friday chaos, we wanted to offer a few great gift options for the artist or art fan in your life which you can shop for from the safety of your living room. Many of you are likely already familiar with a lot of the books, DVDs, art prints and other art related items that we carry at and, and we encourage you to take a quick browse through the online catalogs at both websites to see what we have available. Today, though, we are offering some single day promotions that you may want to take advantage of.

For starters, we've had many of you ask what is the best way to gift someone with a subscription to Reinventing The Tattoo, my comprehensive electronic educational package for tattoo artists. Reinventing is far more than just an electronic edition of a book, but also contains a great deal of video and other multimedia material and is constantly growing- later this month, for example, I'll be adding three new Photoshop video tutorials that relate directly to things that tattoo artists might need to do with their images. Reinventing is the most detailed educational package available in the tattoo industry today, and has been read by thousands of artists worldwide across over 20 years; it can now be offered to a friend or coworker through a gift certificate. Order before December 16 and we'll mail the recipient a shiny card with instructions for logging in… and better yet, order before midnight tomorrow night (11/29) and get $50 off!

In addition, Michele wanted to celebrate the holiday season by offering a special deal on prints of her latest painting. Star Of Bethlehem is actually six small pieces that were painted as one, and then separated into six complimentary compositions. All of them are grouped onto a single print on archival artist's canvas, 20x24". This stunning reproduction is being added permanently to the Hyperspace print catalog, but for today’s special she has reduced the price to $75. Her carefully balanced subtle color schemes go well with just about any decor, making her prints ideal gifts.

Last but not least, don't forget that we have a featured item this week, Keith Ciaramello's ‘Keep It Real 3’ DVD. He offers an insightful glimpse into pet portraiture, which has recently become a popular- and sometimes surprisingly striking- tattoo motif. In Keith's approach you can see how his foundation in painting and other mediums translates into his painterly approach to handling subtle realistic color on skin. Anyone who orders our Featured Item gets free shipping on their whole order anywhere inside the US, so if you are planning on picking up some books or other heavy items, keep this in mind!

The Bloom Project Promo

New 2016 Bloom Project Video, plus November's Limited Print

This past weekend, Michele Wortman celebrated her 18th year of tattooing by putting together a Bloom Project video portfolio showing some of her most epic work. Michele has been a quiet but persistent influence on tattooing for much of this time, pushing for a softer, more feminine approach  with a minimal use of black outlines and an emphasis on the overall look of each person's collection, with all work being balanced, even on collectors who are not aiming for a full bodysuit. She has referred to these unified collections as "bodysets", and this new video showcases this look beautifully. Drop by our YouTube channel, TattooTelevision, to take a look, or just click the screen shot in this newsletter. You can see more of her colorful work at


I also wanted to mention the November limited print. This one is called Construction II, and is part of the collection of original paintings that I currently have on display at the Off The Map Gallery in Easthampton, Massachusetts. As with all the limited prints, this one is smallish and priced affordable- it's 10x15" plus a 1" colored border for mounting purposes. Prints are archival for 125 years and signed/dated. We are making the prints in-house so I have final say over the color matching. This print will be offered until midnight EST this coming Sunday, November 6. Drop by the Prints gallery at Hyperspace Studios to see the full range of creative reproductions that we have available.



New Fine Art Prints Available Now!


For many years Michele and I have carried fine art giclee prints of some of our favorite paintings. This year, though, we finally decided to take the plunge and purchase our own large format fine art printer. You can look forward to seeing many new high quality archival prints on canvas, watercolor and gloss paper over coming months, but we wanted to start you out with a couple new editions.



The new permanent addition to our catalog is Michele Wortman's recent painting Potential, which celebrates birth, renewal, and the vast palette of experience that life has to offer. We are carrying it in two sizes, one of them original size and the other a slightly smaller version which may work better in some interior settings. Prints are signed by the artist and, according to the printer manufacturer, archival for 125 years! This is one of Michele's favorite new pieces and she is excited to be able to offer it as a fine art print.



I'm trying something a little different this month. I've got many, many images that I'd like to present as prints, but I don't necessarily want a catalog a mile long. So this month I'm offering a limited edition print of a painting that I did in 1996, but still feels relevant today in terms of how it fits into my current body of work. Mind Tree IV was one of my most successful lighting exercises at that time, when I was trying to figure out realistic lighting for both painting and tattooing purposes, and can be found in my art book Organica. I'm carrying it as an affordable, moderate sized print, but it will only be available until midnight on Wednesday, September 7, at which time it will be removed from the catalog. All prints are signed and dated.


Thanks, and we'll keep you posted as we roll out more new ones! 



The Bloom Project!!

This Halloween I celebrate my 17th year as a tattooist, and can think of nothing better to commemorate these years then seeing my friend and client Mindy on the cover of Tattoo Magazine! She has been getting work from me for the entire span of my career, and is one of the first ladies to get a floral form bodyset which I am known for. Her collection helped pave the way for others to follow by inspiring such a beautiful look on such a lovely lady.  Mindy is part of the Bloom Project, which started with a desire from me to see a more unified and flowing female esthetic in tattooing. In addition to the use of soft, feminine imagery in my work, I've always emphasized laying the tattooing out on the body in a way that is balanced like a nice garment- rather than thinking in terms of bodysuits, I've come to think of the collections I put on my clients as "bodysets". Many of these sets began with shoulder cap coverage gradually becoming full sleeves and beyond. 

I have been documenting this process, and the Bloom Project is a direct result of passion, dedication and a desire to push the evolution of this project further. This has resulted in a core clientele who are all representives of the Bloom Project. I chose this title as many of my clients request floral motifs from me, and I've found that the process of unfolding through layers of ink, adding on over time, and the personal transformation that occurs, can be likened to the process of a flower bloom opening. We are all in a state of becoming and growing from our experiences. I have a great appreciation for the beauty and wonder of Nature which I believe we are all a part of. From my clients to my artistry, this is the energy that we synchonise with and resonate from.

Check out some updates in the Bodyset gallery, and check back soon as I continue to update I have added some more Video portraits featuring the ladies of the Bloom Project. There is also a copy of Mindy's current spread in Tattoo Magazine posted in my Press gallery. Drop by the site and take a look. Give a follow on the Facebook Bloom page and at Michele Wortman, where I post updates on the Project and art related news as well.




Michele Wortman's Bloom Project Featured in Tattoo Magazine, and in a New Video!


Michele Wortman is known in tattooing for her innovative body sets. She has been designing a signature look for her mainly female clientele throughout her tattoo career. Starting with a desire to see a more unified and flowing female esthetic, 15 years ago, Michele embarked on an artistic journey to redefine more options for women wanting a lighter softer, balanced look within their tattoo collection. Many of these sets began with shoulder cap coverage, and gradually Michele's clients found themselves inking their way down to full sleeves and beyond. She began documenting this process, and the Bloom project was born.


Michele identified with the word Bloom as many of her clients requested floral motifs from her, and she likened this process of unfolding through layers of ink, adding on over time and personal transformation to the similarities of a bloom opening to flower.

Michele has inked several body sets and is currently working on an art book showcasing the lovely ladies she has been honored to tattoo and their process of collecting work through the years. The book will feature in-depth photos of her work as well as many of her clients who have come to be known as The Bloom Sisters. She is currently taking on new clients with this project in mind as well as trying to finish up work in progress in time for the 2020 publication. 


You'll be able to meet The Bloom Sisters in an ongoing series of articles in Tattoo Magazine, starting with a feature on Kristen Blinne in issue #304, which is on newsstands now. Michele has also produced a short video about the Bloom Project, offering a sneak preview of what you can expect when the book is released. 



Available In Time For Christmas: Michele's New Hand-Retouched Metal Prints


Happy Holidays,


As we close 2014 with a celebration of the season and welcome the New Year I thought it would be a good time to offer some of my favorite recent paintings to add to your art collection as unique prints on sheet aluminum. Several of these I have taken further by repainting the ferns, flowers  and other details directly into the print making each one an original mixed media piece.  You can see the detail examples below. The overall look is modern, shimmery and ready to hang. The surface, both reflective and painted, adds to the dimensional shift of luminosity. These would look great as a grouping or as individual pieces.




I also have a collectors' card set for only 5 bucks featuring a nice sampling my paintings, a perfect stocking stuffer.



Shipping in time for Christmas is guaranteed for all orders received by December 16. Thanks, and have a great season and happy New Year!




New Hyperspace Studios Video And Michele Wortman Card Set

Have you seen the video that Guy and I put together recently? In it we discuss our art, what we do, what motivates us and the things we hope to accomplish. This includes a little about our artistic styles, including Guy's biomech, and how I arrived at the unified feminine style that I'm known for. You can see it at our YouTube channel, TattooTelevision.

I've just put together a new postcard set featuring some of my favorite recent paintings. The set by itself includes two 2-sided oversized cards, and are a great low-priced collector's item. I'm also offering them along with my two most recent Sunchannel CDs in a discounted package. Sunchannel is my electronic music project.
I also wanted to mention that I'm booking late Summer and Fall appointments now. If you're curious about collecting work you can come to the Appointments link at my website for more information, or to book a slot. You can see my work here at, and you can follow me on Instagram to see shots of in-progress work and other fun stuff.
Thanks, and I'll be in touch soon!

Woodland Window Filigree and Floral Bodyset

Greetings and welcome to winter. I have been busy inking body sets over the past few months on many of my regular clients as they continue to refine and expand their collection. 



Here is a recent video featuring my client Sabrina and her Woodland Window Filigree and Floral Bodyset.



Sabrina describes her process of getting lasered to collecting a cohesive overall look and talks about the new direction many women are taking as they explore a decorative aesthetic while maintaining a professional image in the workplace.



Also check out this short video portrait featuring the Goddess body set on Charity that I just finished working on. Listen as she shares her insights on the feminine and finding your inner Goddess.



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Flight and Flowers Bodyset



I just worked on Jenns Flight and Flowers bodyset. We inked some luminous cosmic mandalas, started filling in the elbow area and added purple heart gems to the inner arm. 



This month Jenn is featured on the cover of Tattoo Magazine issue 290.  Be sure to check it out while it is still on the newsstands.  



I also interviewed Jen about her tattoos and philosophy and put together a short video which talks about the process of collecting work from me and describes the intention and content of the art from a collectors perspective. 




Just finished an exciting two day session on Alexis. She asked me for a half sleeve based on a painting I did in 2009 called Innerstate, titled after a live performance that we hosted where tattooists were invited to explore the inner realms of their unique vision to better channel a personal style by exploring a more visionary approach to their artwork. Be sure to check out Innerstate an amazing book and documentary produced by artist Guy Aitchison.

It felt natural to reference my painting and as a result subtle nuance with color and texture made its way into the tattoo that might not have occurred in the same manner otherwise. I like the way all the shapes landed on her arm and how it moves with her figure.  I really enjoy the symbolism and cerebral qualities of this piece and am so honored to have a chance to tattoo this on Alexis. 

We are off to a good start, here are some pics from her recent session at Hyperspacestudios.




Cosmic Mandala set in progress

Greetings from the land of Hyperspacestudios where I just finished a marathon tattoo session inking a cosmic mandala bodyset on my client Lesyle. I put together this on the fly video from phone clips to try and capture a piece of this magical transformation to share with you. Though this is only the first pass it is off to a great start and I look forwards to the next session. The music in the video is by H.U.V.A Network, Orientations pt 2. This track was playing in the background while doing this piece and so appropriately reflected the feeling and energy of everything in that moment. Hope you enjoy the video and to post some more work sessions soon.

New website!

Greetings, and welcome to This is the first blog at my new site. Here you can take a look at paintings, bodyset and singular tattoos for women, and photography of subjects that  inspire me, along with a collection of figurative sketches that I have done over the years. You can also listen to my music project Sunchannel and check out the music videos.


Recently I was featured in Inked Magazine discussing the distinct approach to tattooing that my work is known for, and colorful partnership with fellow artist Guy Aitchison, the other half of Hyperspace Studios. Here's a brief excerpt from the article: 


INKED: Would you say your style is more feminine?

MICHELE: It’s interesting you should say that because, originally, I had wanted a half sleeve of  flowers and this girl looked at me, rolled her eyes and said, “You would get that. How typical of you.” That bothered me, so I decided I would rebel against my “feminine nature” and get architecture, which is very masculine in my opinion, very man-made. The fact that I rebelled against my feminine nature in the beginning only to come back to it later was an interesting lesson for me...
(Read more)


I am currently taking new appointments for spring and summer, as well as painting commissions.


Stay tuned, join my mailing list, and check back regularly to see updates to the site and my latest blog.


Thanks and happy winter,
Michele Wortman



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Photo by David Torrence